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‘Forcecast’ Is Now Live On The Salesforce AppExchange

We are thrilled to announce that our new ‘Forcecast’ machine learning application is now live on the Salesforce AppExchange.

After months of hard work by the team, our Lightning-ready Forcecast app has received the Salesforce seal of approval. This means it has passed all the required Salesforce Security protocols and is now publicly available for Salesforces users on the AppExchange.

What does this mean?

forcecast delivers Opportunity scores

Using intelligent machine-learning algorithms, Forcecast discovers hidden patterns and relationships by analysing an organisation’s historical data. As a result, we take the integrity of personal data extremely seriously, as does Salesforce.

Salesforce has been putting our application through rigorous security testing over the last number months. They have now approved our application which is accessible to the Salesforce community.

Salesforce wants their platform to be as safe and reliable as possible. Therefore, all apps and components that are distributed to customers undergo a comprehensive security review. Applications must meet or exceed the requirements set by the Salesforce security review team before it can be distributed.

For this reason alone, users can trust that each application has been fully tested and is safe and secure to use on Salesforce.

What can Forcecast do?

The Forcecast app provides an efficient way for companies to manage their sales pipeline, successfully convert prioritised opportunities to closed sales and identify customers most likely to churn.

Forcecast analyses your CRM data and delivers predicted opportunity scores to your dashboard. These scores correspond to the likelihood that a particular opportunity will close, not close or churn.

Sales Managers and teams can access continuous, up-to-date scores, allowing them to provide accurate forecasts, focus on their top opportunities and retain high-value customers.

Forcecast also analyses multiple text records and delivers sentiment scores. These scores are then incorporated into the machine learning process to achieve a more accurate score.

Using Forcecast’s built-in campaign manager, sales managers can build highly targeted sales and retention campaigns for their teams. With ’Campaign Actions’, set clear, actionable steps and scheduled tasks for your agents.

With configurable Dashboards and KPI metrics, stay on top of the critical numbers and have access to insights that allow for positive and informative conversations throughout the team.

Harness the power of predictive analytics to close more opportunities, keep customers for longer and improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts.

Embracing data and analytics is not a tactic; it’s a transformation!
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